About Cinta

CINTA accessories are the final touch to highlight your style!
CINTA means "Love", "You know what you want" in Indonesian 

cinta accessories
If you are attracted by beautiful nature and value exceptionnal style in your everyday life, our colorful accessories combine simple design and unique style. 
cinta accessories beach
The collection is unisex and timeless.
Sunglasses look stylish on everyone faces. 
Pom pom hats are the perfect accessories for winter.
It’s the final touch for any occasion with an unique style !
cinta accessories polarized
CINTA is our story... Three passionate travelers who want to simplify their lifestyle with one brand, CINTA Acccessories
Keep it simple with CINTA!
cinta accessories rockies roadtrip
Follow us in the colorful universe of CINTA, full of discoveries and travels